Thank you for deciding to apply for this position.

If selected, we will be more than welcome in our TEAM.


  1. It is not necessary to have experience to apply for this job.

  2. The hourly rate starts at $ 10.63 per regular hour with the opportunity to overtime.

  3. Must be 18 years of age or older to apply for this job.

  4. You must pass drug test exams and a background check.

  5. Ladies can also apply for employment. We are a company that does not discriminate based on sex, color, race, sexual preference, religion or country, as long as it has all the legal permits that allow it to work in the United States.

  6. The company you will be working for is a leading company in the production and processing of birds, as we show you in the photos above.

  7. You will have the opportunity to do your normal life and do entertainment activities such as going to the movies, going shopping, doing exercises in the gym, going to night activities.

  8. You have the right to enjoy your two (2) days off per week as you wish to the extent possible.

  9. We pay for your air tickets (round trip) and transportation from the airport to our offices. If you do not conclude your employment contract with us, your case will be addressed particularly to decide if you should reimburse the expenses incurred. Each case is different and we will attend it with the solidarity, empathy and justice that characterizes us.

  10. We offer you a shared housing and daily transportation for only $ 52 per week.

  11. You can get your own lodging and transportation vehicle and still continue working with us without any problem.

  12. Minimum contract of 8 months: GO -> MAKE MONEY -> RETURN HOME WITH MONEY


If you agree with these most important details of employment

please continue with your application